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United Kingdom

MI6, Voice, Speakerphone


whaling ship, minke whales, australian customs


Oil, Seawater, Sunlight

Hong Kong

Nickel Oxide Ore, Cargo Ship, Typhoon Utor

Ship of Theseus

The question of whether an object which has had all its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.


MA Advertising and Design.

Leeds University School of Design / Business School


Last night, as part of Light Night Leeds, I spent some time at the Howard Assembly Room where a somewhat haunting performance was taking place. The Devil’s Jukebox was a display of demonically inspired music from the past 500 years, featuring energetic arrangements of live classical music. Although I didn’t manage to stay for all of the five hour long performance, the small two hour segment that I did see was truly spectacular.

For more information: Opera North

Kubrick I love you


I want to live in a house like this

first attempt at a time-lapse.


loudest woman in the world talking on a phone, train to manchester

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